Distribution Of Books To Secondary Schools

The distribution of books to Schools is a raw idea born out of two purposes; firstly, to change the general perspective of students that the first week of resumption isn’t for the social parade as there is no time set aside for that purpose.

Secondly, it is an obvious fact that most students find the first week of resumption more challenging due to a lack of money to procure some basic needs like writing materials and other necessities.

In lieu of this, as high spirited youths that have passed through the stage and know how it feels. That was why we came together as a team to innovatively change the bad narration through uncommon ways.

The back-to-school project was proposed and with the help of some sponsors and donors, we were able to procure Books and distributed it to some selected ten schools in Ilorin Metropolis the likes of Banni Community Secondary School, Boko, and many others.

The gestures were appreciably embraced by the school management and the students who deem it fit to be around on these days were benefited from these. It thus serves as motivation for the others and as well saves the financial pulse of their respective parents.

Green Africa Youth Initiative Management

Office of publicity and promotion

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