G.A.Y.I Inspired Students At Future Leader School

Green Africa Youth Initiative, unlike much other organization who are more of talking than taking action. As it is part of our core values to ensure sustainable development in every realm, that is why we are resolute and pragmatic to the worthy course.

It is an obvious fact that to attain greatness in our society of today is not only who you know but also what values you can offer, that is the reason why the relevant topic was Initiated to expose students to the architectural four walls.

The topic delivered was: “Technology and Social Media as a means to build and develop potential” and it was anchored by that technological guru and proud son of Kwara in the person of Mr. Kehinde Kamaldeen. Guess what? The students found it interesting as it was basically practical and fun-filled.

Thank you Mr. Kamaldeen for honoring the invitation to inspire young Africans towards leveraging technology and the need to attain necessary skills surrounding it.

The students couldn’t keep their feelings, they all chorused” Thank you Mr. Kamaldeen and May God bless you”. We are glad to see the burning passion for technology already emitting in them. Therefore, we are fulfilled that they were Inspired.

Green Africa Youth Initiative Management

Office of publicity and promotion

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