Federal Government College Got Inspired Too

At Green Africa Youth Initiative, we realized how stinkingly polluted our societies are, ranging from terrorism, kidnapping, cyber crime as a result of unemployment, that is the reason why we decided to curb it from the base. In a tactical strategy to tackle these serious menaces, we are resorted to facilitate many entrepreneurship programs to various schools of which F.G.C were not left out. And… Read More »Federal Government College Got Inspired Too

Inspiring Youth Africans

We live in an environment where talents are maimedly killed; Those with one are left unpolished while those with non are left undeveloped and disabled ones are inherently left in isolation. So pathetic! Some see it as norms while very few see it as an anomaly that needs to be drastically addressed. Just like other impact makers, we realized that these people need to be… Read More »Inspiring Youth Africans

We had some scintillating and educative moments spent with NTA on air.

Out of a passion to serve Humanity better; we had it in the record inscribed with impactful ink that we facilitated a program at Nigeria Television Authority on the topic: Positivity Underlining Corona Virus For Humanity. The program was not only successful on the basis of doing sake but also the feedbacks from people were massively impressed because we knew our onion. All thanks to… Read More »We had some scintillating and educative moments spent with NTA on air.